Boycott Gillette Men By Vivek Singh

Recently Gillette launched an add named “We Believe”,The Best Man Can Be has nearly got 29M views.772k likes and 1.4M dislikes.Gillette says it a “SHORT FILM” You can see the add below.It’s not for a film festival it’s a commercial.

Earlier the ad says the best a man can be and the man gets his face shaved and a kiss from a woman that’s okay.

If we go to the general meaning of the ad which says treat everyone with respect but when you watch the ad it shows a reality which does not exist.It again stereotypes men of their toxic behavior.

Mind It its a razor company .It’s main consumer base is men.They are a company of men’s product and they are saying men a problem.It’s a blunder hating your own customer because those men who made this may have used oil in their beard.

If this ad would have been just changed like a girl being told a gold digger,a nagger,disloyal,using men as waiters or ATM.It would have lead to a ban on this add and many others but if we see in this case.That would have been a baseless false illustration women as it is of men.

I liked that those who watched this video disliked most or majority of them.This shows how media shows double standards towards men and women.

These brand just need their name on the face for example once people burned Nike products which increased their sales.

This offended people and now people are posting images of razors in toilet or other places which is giving them more trp.Many people come up and say this is one of the best product but i am throwing it because of ideological difference.That’s the best advertisement one can ever do.

One more thing to notice this razor ad has no shot of someone shaving.

Some women says for same product for male and female the female products costs more.There should an equality there too.

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