How does being ‘A Man’ differ from being a Masochist? By Alan Millard

Being ‘a man’ is synonymous with being a masochist, as is conveyed in the expression ‘take it like a man’. A discard of one’s individual/personal human existence determines a prescribed ‘manhood’. Is not something dreadfully wrong when the exact same condition that identifies abuse for women defines ‘manhood’? And a male who refuses to accept this ‘man’ identity is shamed to conform. You’re no man, you’re still a boy. He’s made to feel inadequate for not accepting the second-class identity. Ironically, a man who is told to be a man by not having feelings has his feelings used to shame him to comply with a prescribed manhood identity that relies on his lack of feeling. One whose existence, held to this oppressed state, is cast as having no stand to claim inequality because that inability is itself incorporated into his male existence (‘manhood’)–as his full value to society comes from being a pawn/expendable; reduced to a masochist existence; abused for humor; discounted as a parent; reduced in his status as a mate, the one needing to risk rejection and even ‘prove’ himself to women; who must buy his mate to compensate for his lower value to her; the one who no status as a person, as women even dictate his intimacy (premature ejaculator or can’t perform–which ‘symptoms’ are non-existent when he masturbates). His sexuality is deemed ‘dirty’ and not acceptable unless somehow screened through women’s approval. Any means exclusive to a man’s sexual fulfillment is ‘disgusting’ or illegal (e.g. masturbation via porn, and fulfillment via prostitution).
‘Be a man’ or ‘man-up’ are sex-bigoted terms used in shaming tactics to reduce and hold men to a yoke of servitude and abuse which is never applied by official standard to women. And due to this, women, rating above men, are continually given more at men’s expense (alimony, child support, custody). Therefore women (by default) are the only ones of the two sexes allowed to qualify for any claim of inequality. But a rational person must ask: Who are they equal to, God?
Those whose basic identity/worth comes from servitude and abuse can not escape an unequal destiny, save for some type of reclassification of their existence. Therefore, how we define manhood must be addressed for men, ‘real men’, to receive a status equal to women in society. Playing on the heavily-burdened precepts of manhood, women have used that premise to destroy men, as men are turned against themselves in their blind servitude to women and as part of their so-called ‘manhood’ identity. This tool from within human society itself, besides completely discarding men, compromises a society created by men, including one ironically, at least in its creation per its constitution, prescribes a righteous condition of equal justice for all.
Mainstream society, the political process, unconstitutional laws created against men, and the anti-male sex-bigoted media continues to reign. An individual can have a tremendous effect on many. Each one of us with any sense of education and knowledge, bound by logic and reason, must combat the assault by feminists and a tradition of chivalry and placing women above men (on a pedestal) that has allowed feminism to occur in the first place.
Help form a sentiment that is repulsed by the relentless feminist hatred that opposes and condemns past sound laws, policies, and instills sex-bigoted sentiments and policies that discriminate against men and continue to fail to heed equal regard for men and include the male’s perspective. Every person–each one of us–can make a difference, and, perhaps as a New Year’s resolution, vow to pass the word on to others and influence them to create a better society.
My best to all of you. Happy New Year! Alan Lee Millard

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