I like Sluts Alan Millard

Sometimes referred to as nymphos or sluts, women who don’t hold their sexuality above men or as ransom or to criminalize men are my favorite types of women. They are men’s true female friends, equals–MRAs without knowing it. women who I respect the most who do not–basically who are men’s real buddies as women. As we know, the majority of women use sex for personal gain, as a trade-off for soemthing or as weaponry concerning men. These women–sluts–pose a threat to them. Studies have shown this to be true in that slut-shaming is something mostly imposed by other women due to resentment (perhaps even jealousy) for being so unpretensious and genuine in their nature. (Religion especially contributes to this condemnation too.) Friends with benefits is a category in which these women often fall. What we will find is a lack of misandry amongst many of these women, not since they desire to have sex with men, but because they do not expect something else in return or use their sexuality for ulterior motives and often express a mutual desire for sex as do men, even more so in some cases. If sex can be used by a woman that reveals that it is not a need in itself to her. She is often not forthright in her intentions but deceitfull and betraying in her dress and behavior. (And unfortunately this female characterization is rewarded in opur society, often due to a premise of shame applied to male for his sexual desires, with many men accepting it–a part the male self-hate instilled into men.)
But there is also a discrepancy in some women who are ‘sluts’ too. Some of these have no regard for men either, merely using them for sex, drugs, and money, etc.. Some women who are at least honest, cashing in on their sexuality, with whom men are at least safe, as prostitutes, or who are porn stars, are very intelligent women. And I like to think that intelligence means compassion and kindness too. Prostitutes in the old-days often insisted on paying when they went on dates, since they made much more than did the miners, cowboys, and loggers they dated. This of course was hard for these men to accept in those days.
At the core of human sexuality, understanding it, and its acceptance (absent of false pretense) is where we will find equality between the sexes. But that’s only if we are willing to accept it and if all those involved really want it.

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