Sex is female power By Alan Millard

Feminists claim that men’s rights’ efforts consist of men who can’t get laid, like they haven’t a clue as to how bad men are treated in society?
That women coin men who want equal rights to women as men who can’t get laid is only because sex has been used by women to control men, and men’s effort for equality to women violates these terms. Feminists fear they are rendered powerless with these men.
On what terms are these sex-bigots thinking, that men are only influenced through sex? Are they so calloused due to male hatred that they fail to see all the injustices and abuse men are experiencing and believe that can be made acceptable if men have their sexual needs fulfilled and that men must therefore sacrifice their equal rights to women for sex? Oh, I believe many politicians have, that’s why many of them have sold men out to unconstitutional laws specifically designed for women, ones that target men–VAWA (Joe Biden’s work), Title IX, and a few others quickly come to mind that violate our U. S. Constitution. (Ironically, thousands of men’s lives have been sacrificed for something so sacred but so easily discarded for women.)
Men want equal justice and equal status to women, something that many women don’t seem to understand. Was the reason men created the U. S. Constitution because they weren’t getting laid? We are dealing with the mentality of 2-year-olds but in adult bodies who destroy just laws and men by use of their sexuality–an abuse of female power that now goes unchecked as no other. So men (and the few women who are mature enough intellectually) must again rely on men for justice, and this time it must be for themselves because when women get into politics their efforts are not just for women but against men. What the hell does men getting laid have to do with equal justice for all? It has to do with men’s equality being a threat to women who can’t control these men by use of their sexuality.
Alan Lee Millard

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