A Politically Correct State is a Police State by Alan Millard

America and other developed countries are being subverted by new terms that not only by-pass the people served but defy a logical thought process under the blind title of politically correct (PC). This terminology is only deemed necessary because modern politics are not correct. What is correct does not need a qualifier to be acceptable. Therefore what is revealed by qualifying something as politically correct is that modern-day politics are admittedly in defiance of what is correct and differ from a more just governing system of our past when there was no politically correct, or that is when politics were more matched to the just minds of the people served. The principle at work to determine the politically correct is the tail wagging the dog—a mental, emotionally-based dictatorship launched against the people by their government. A special but self-serving term is therefore needed to qualify what is going wrong to be ‘acceptable’, in essence the incorrect correct dictated to the people versus a government run by its people. Thus, what is wrong is ‘right’. Therefore the politically correct and politically corrupt are synonymous.

How can we as a people and proud society be so stupid? This whole politically correct process sheds new light on the dumbing down of America. What is deemed as politically correct takes away our freedom of expression and the ability for the people of this country (and others influenced) to have a voice and any power. This lock on our freedom, and suppression of an intellect supported by freedom, must be broken. Otherwise, we are blindly bound to accept our fate as sheep being led to the slaughter—a fate not becoming of the U.S. and a country supposedly of the people, for the people, and by the people.

Politics don’t mix well with government. Let’s go back to a time when government, not politics, ran a country represented by the people.

As a people, we must be big enough to not be turned off or emotionally influenced by an issue but intellectually competent enough to hear out matters that may be controversial and objectively address issues regardless of who we are, our individual circumstances, or the issues at stake. Segregation by issues is perhaps the most pending problem we face in today’s society, unacknowledged but extensively used by mainstream society. This is evident by racial, sexual, generational, and cultural segregation and the associated issues developed regarding each of these segments or divisions within our society. (This issue is also covered in more detail in chapter 7.)

Many of us get locked into a politically-staged discriminatory mindset (e.g. gay rights, women’s rights, minority rights). Those who step on our toes regarding issues prescribed to secular interests are automatically deemed as people we oppose without objectively considering the issue presented to us. A politically canned response is all we can expect, much as from a robot or computer-program. We fail to use the ability to think for ourselves. No one should ever be allowed to set the terms for our own ability to think and to dictate our views considering important matters. This dumbing down process influences people at all levels of society, even the doctoral level, in research and education. To really be at an intellectual level capable of addressing today’s problems takes people who are independent thinkers—those who are not bound by issues that only benefit them as a race, sex, democrat or republican but who stand in their concerns for the good of all. We must oppose the current trend of political social engineering and instead become united under a common front—a unity that was still evident merely five to six decades ago—and not allow ourselves to be controlled by self-centered issues or misguided by popular politics.

An excerpt from the book A Flaw from within

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