Gillette learned their lesson by Vivek Singh

In the recent advertisement by Gillette, they gave a spotlight to local firefighters.

First, see the advertisement below

They hope to bounce back from the losses and Anti-male (misandric) sentiments they have created by their old advertisements. Men had decided which Gillette products to boycott. Gillette boycott effect had to cost the Proctor & Gamble’s personal product division $8 billion after the ad aired at the beginning of the year. They including other corporates got to know what is a man as they saw a response to Gillette.

Will it work?? That time will tell.

The new advertisement is better and it has basically three good points

1. Selling the product: This advertisement focuses on selling the product which is the razor which doesn’t cause skin irritation and is for sensitive skin too.

2.Positive Masculinity: This advertisement shows bravery, courageous with which he risks his life faces the fire and save the lives of others.

3.A Father’s love: He is not just courageous but tender at heart. He loves his daughter as he worries not for his death but whom he will leave behind.

They tried this earlier too in the commercial Every Hero Sweats

Other products like Apple and Johnnie Walker also had given Anti-male (misandric) advertisements earlier.

Another class advertisement of Dr. Pepper showing men hating each other and the violence against men is even supposed to be funny!

Any MRA worth his salt will boycott Dr. Pepper.

8 Replies to “Gillette learned their lesson by Vivek Singh”

  1. Gillette is going to have to spend a few years of licking men’s boots before I forget that vile “mini movie” and it’s man hating message. Then I’ll consider buying their stuff, which includes everything with a P&G label.

  2. Jillette should maybe have thought things through a little more fully before their kewl and edgy woke crap. Still not buying their products.

  3. Gillette, you can kiss that part in between my ball sack and my ass, and I still won’t buy your shit again! Your brand’s reputation had been damaged forever, there is no backpeddling.

  4. Never again will I buy Gillette or any P&G product.

    That sort of offensiveness cannot be so casually forgotten.

  5. What kind of CEO loses billions of dollars and then says afterwards that the campaign was “worth it”. The shareholders would be furious!! What do they take the general public for? Fools? For that kind of arrogance, Gillette and its parent company dont deserve any business. Lets let the customers do the talking as the company crumbles….

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