Welcome to DVAM Hell
by, Tom Miller

Every October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) in the United States. Why has DV gotten even worse since implementing this awareness program two decades ago? Martin Luther King said it best, “You can’t fight lies with worse lies or fight hate with worse hate.” DVAM is pure hate and lies and thus makes the real abuse problems far worse, by design. DVAM is designed to hide the truth and promote the problem which keeps a whole agendized cultlies-industry well fed. That includes bought and paid for “Just-Us” system and all their hangers on, vampires who need more blood and money to survive and flourish.
The feminist family wrecking crew (the DV coalitions and supporters – leaders, media, “educators”…) is loaded with propaganda which only feeds their industry by assuring more abuse. Who are the main DV perpetrators? Women, hands down. Men are more protective in general and women have more of an instability tendency in general, leading to more abuse of partners and especially children. You will never hear about these well documented truths in DVAM. We can’t fight or end abuse using lies and abuse.
In fact you should already know, and may know very well, that most of the DoJ (Dept. of Justice) studies done in the last couple decades support exactly what I told you, but the ruling feminists didn’t like the truth of those earlier and very revealing and confirming studies, so they set out to change the data collection by refusing to ask certain damning and revealing questions and sampling differently to skew newer studies.
DoJ DV stats are another problem since they report arrests and convictions which clearly only demonstrate a bias against abusive males while giving another free pass to more violent, entitled, more abusive females, which also drive the problem and makes it worse through entitlement and No accountability. DoJ arrest and conviction stats only further attest of the bias against men, when arrests and convictions show the opposite of real abusive acts shown in hundreds of studies referenced below.
DVAM is nothing but another propaganda tool used to gain power, funds and domination, slavery, of body and mind. Yes, you may have guessed the obvious, feminism and their DVAM are derived from Marxism. Surprise. What could ever go wrong with a pure cult like that, lying, abusing and bullying for the greater good, for the good of those greater than you. They are both caught lying every step of the way, unaccountable, pathological liars whom we are commanded to obey, follow and not question. What could ever go wrong with that? Google: “feminist lies.”

Feminists try to manipulate other studies too. This includes doctor, nurse and ER “studies” which are loaded to get the results they want. Knowing the results, they refuse to ask both genders, or ask Both genders about their own behaviors as well as their partner’s behaviors. That type of study gives much more accurate and revealing results, as in the studies I’m referring to below, showing what’s really up, where the women and the men both admit who is most violent. Women and mothers of course. Surprised?
Even yearly agendized DHHS stats show that mothers murder and abuse children most. But, of course that must be the man’s fault too. They actually do say that. They have put that in writing. I had that one recorded from a phone call to the Utah DHHS director too. Can you imagine them saying that abusive men are women’s fault? We must never stand for, and must end, these double standards and pathological lies.

But most studies are, or were, done scientifically and still show reality, that boys and men are more protective and less violent overall with the opposite gender. How much does this have to do with the fact that lesbian couples are far more violent than gay couples which are slightly more violent than hetero couples? That is another “elephant in the living room” which DVAM feminists refuse to address. Another DVAM hidden and inconvenient fact.
Remember, it is both the women and men surveyed and studied (nearly 400,000 men and women) in hundreds of studies in which both sides admit it is the women more often both initiating the violence and committing the violence against partners and especially against children. Most typically she abuses him over and over until he responds by abusing her back, thus finally making it mutual violence, which DVAM hides too. We wouldn’t want to solve a profitable problem, now would we.

Another reality-jolting thing to realize is that the teen studies on dating violence are easily impacted by whether the boys are asked to fill out the questionnaire in front of other boys or girls – they will answer truthfully when by themselves and can’t be seen and embarrassed by admitting in front of others being beaten up by their girlfriend. Also, the studies of teens asking the boys and girls about behaviors on both sides do smoke out the real primary perpetrators there too – the girls.
The biggest college age dating violence study ever done (well over 10,000 international participants) also confirmed both sides admitting the women were more violent. The worst countries were the most feminist, New Zealand and Sweeden where young women were 3X more violent than young men. You can see a compilation of many of these studies at “Fiebert: Assaults BY women.”

Also, most studies and surveys asking women why they divorce show their top 3 reasons being very selfish and disregarding of their children and others altogether, while only 5% claimed by women to because of domestic violence. But the feminists in charge of DVAM fixed that one too. A newer study was released boosting that 5% figure all the way up to 25%! How? Typical, that was due to them manipulating and making the study unscientific. They pulled their sample from women going to counseling from being referred by DV shelters. Talk about rigging a “study.”
I still think that is a very valuable study, if you realize that it lets you know that only 25% of women getting DV services actually are abused. Let that fact sink in. Their own study shows some truth, hiding right in front of our faces and we are too blind to see that too. That “study” does in fact confirm that false allegations are very rampant abuse too.
That agrees well with the 75% of divorces with kids, which include false allegations, figure which some of us came up with in Utah where 75% to 80% of divorces and split ups with children involved false abuse allegations (abuse) by the mothers, followed by parenta; alienation abuse by the mother and the courts and other supporters (gang-rape).
This becomes even more devastating when you realize that false allegations in divorce are denied by DVAM yet they always guarantee accompanying parental alienation spouse and child abuse too. Those two abuses are twin abuse travelers, and extremely common, encouraged and rewarded to keep it’s DVAM societal destruction profitability going. That is another huge chunk of hidden and denied abuse by women which is aided and hidden by DVAM feminists and chivalrists.
Those two rampant, Huge abuses are not even counted in any stats at all, stats already showing women to be more abusive than men. Yet DVAM promotes, rewards and helps with rampant false allegations and accompanying parental alienation abuse with far worse and longer lasting bad effects than sexual abuse which women get a free pass on too. The full truth is scary, and banned for good reasons of control and profitability, making it all worse. No wonder DVAM cries that the problem never gets better despite their best “efforts.” Thanks, DVAM and rabid feminists.

The whole rotten DV industry ball of wax is a pure unadulterated scam, rooted in spreading lies and fear to raise money and gain control and influence in a broader sphere. They recruit women to make false abuse allegations to keep the very corrupt, abusive, bullying, profitable industry fueled. It is all pretense, abusive pretense. Real female victim DV cases would leave them quite short, but DVAM flat out refuses to help men or their children, which could keep them legitimately occupied, but that’s not their agenda, their industry, legitimately helping the abused, not even women
DVAM and their feminist backers are simply too busy helping fake, recruited “victims” and false allegations to even help real female or child victims. All this flood of false allegations generates top dollars all around since sympathy for abused women is the most emotional attention grabber. Who would even care about abused men, or even about entitled women who abuse men and children? Apparently nobody. That is not profitable, nor empowering.

This purposely generated flood of false allegations makes it more than difficult if not impossible for real victims (male, female or child) to get the help they need since that is not the objective of DVAM or the feminist the DV industry. I’ve heard countless, men, women and children once grown tell of how the system refused to help them stop the abusers, which the system ironically turns out to be the worst abuser of these people.
That brings us to one more problem purposely and well calculated by psychopathic feminists, chivalrists and their DVAM, and that is that they orchestrate the vast majority of divorce or split-up murders. I had the chance to corner a legislator, an abuser who orchestrated one of these murders. I warned her of what she was doing before the murder and called her on it after the murder too. The media was not interested in the gory truth, just wanting to twist it to make the abusive legislator into co-victim of her now dead client, what she orchestrated knowing very well, as they all do.
Most of these murders and murder suicides are the result of the man being endlessly abused by false allegation with the twin abuse of parental alienation, not to mention the resulting and often business failure to the point that he can see his only way out as getting rid of his ever-persistent abuser with co-abusers (the most common form of rampant gang-rape). Our society has been well trained to understand very clearly when a woman ends the life of her non-stop abuser, but is equally well trained to have zero understanding when an abused man does that, since we’ve been trained to think of “men as disposable.” The roles are flipped and the victims become the abusers.
One more question: Why do religions support this evil abusive rot? Zero discernment or direction from god? A reflection on their true nature too? “There IS No Excuse for Abuse?”

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