A Man’s Assigned Role is not His if He Refuses to Accept It by Alan Lee Millard

Unless a man exists in his own right, he will never be his own person but instead cast into a servitude/pawn script and matching identity. What constitutes his true manhood or male identity is not determined by others but by him and his choice to be who he wants.
Variations to what is considered manhood are less likely to exist due to sex-biased expectations and men being pigeon-holed into a type of ‘masculine’ prison. A set standard attributed to the individual must first be established determining manhood in a male’s own right versus a dictated male identity. This developing process is not to be influenced by any outside source such as government, religion, women, or by men who themselves have been indoctrinated by influences that perpetuate a demeaned male role of servitude and continued persecution. In other words, allow the individual to choose for himself to be his own person. No cookie-cutter mold (one size fits all) identity should apply to men any more than it should apply to women and a personal/individual identity attributed to them.
Develop one’s person as a male or female and the complete man or woman will emerge in the process. The person, with an identity developed from one’s own free will, will supercede the sex-role assigned.
However, allowing this individual male identity to exist contrasts with controlling men. So this poses a problem with those who want to control men via defining manhood for their sake and never allowing men to exist in their own right due to their self-serving interests.
A complete man is one who is free of guilt for being a male and is someone who can not be shamed into conformity, which is commonly done by women. For example, if manhood were not defined by women, women would not be able to shame men into conformity: “You are not a man,you are just a boy. A real man would…” a woman accuses a male if he fails to meet her selfish and sexist expectations. In response, an independent and developed man responds, “Good, I don’t want to be your idea of what a man is. I want to be myself. And if that poses a problem to you I suggest that you reassess your failure to development as a complete woman.”