Men’s Vulnerability and Trust is now met with Women’s Hate and Betrayal by Alan Lee Millard

How many fail to understand that men receive the message that they are to be used, abused, and not vulnerable and intimate? Men desire but often fear, and may even as a result hate themselves for, being vulnerable to women, especially when women, due to a popular poor quality female character, can not be trusted with their vulnerability. This causes hurt and resentment in men, especially when their violation is defended due to misandric sentiment, often conveyed over television and in movies by women and chivalrous (misandric) men. The male identity women have prescribed for men is that of a mascochist. What self-respecting, self-preserving man subjects himself to this, let alone identifies himself according to such a confined and abusive existence?
Besides a general feeling of injustice, this common social condition prevents intimacy and trust for men. Male suicide rates correspond. The only scenario this leaves for men is the mere use of women for sexual fulfillment, or due to liabilities that now incurs with that, other avenues as porn and prostitutes, to fulfill their sexual needs. Women, due to their own hand, have created social conditions that perpetuate what they have complained about concerning men, not only in men just seeking to fullfill their basic needs, but in them not opening up to and trusting women. Can women not put two and two together and figure this out for themselves? They likely could if they were the ones subjected to the popular abuse and mistreatment. Male abuse is too often conveyed as ‘funny’–humorous material for many sit-coms to include threats, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and humiliation. It’s all there. Even men being raped when going to jail or prison provides sadistic ‘humor’ due to extreme injustice taking place in our society under the watchful eyes of our government. How would women feel if the shoe was placed on their foot in which case the rape of women was conveyed as funny or used in a power play by men? And this rape of men is much worse due to men being raped by other men–forced homosexuality. This reveals in equal comparison to women just how low the status of men is to women in society, yet women still complain they have it bad compared to men? Who are women comparing themselves to in their continual claims for ‘equality’, God?
The equality of women compared to men does not exist, and women have assured that it not only stays that way but that this discrepancy is increased in their favor rather than decreased to allow men an equal status to them.