Poor Quality Women are not only Represented by Feminists Alan Lee Millard

It may be a hard pill for some to swallow, but it’s time we realize that most women who deal men harm and injustice are not feminists. Misandry is prevalent, feminist or not. An interesting study would be to determine the percentage of women who consider themselves feminists in domestic violence, parent alienation, and contested child custody cases. Are not ‘traditional’-type women just as, if not more apt, to turn children against their father, take his possessions, sue for child custody and child support? Non-feminist women are just as, if not more, selfish from the start in the mating process in failing to equally express interest, ask men out and equally pay on dates, and just as apt to physically and mentally abuse a man. Are only feminists the kind of women who: –make false rape allegations?, –are allowed to get away with crimes that men can’t?; are given preference in court cases, sentencing, and by law enforcement? It’s true that feminists have enabled many injustices to occur, but many other women have committed them. In fact, did not the female bias already exist via chivalry prior to feminism? Indeed, we must not merely stand against feminism and dismiss other misandry, limiting our scope.
All forms of the female cancer (misandry) needs to be rooted out. Feminists are more visual and exposed, but they do not make up the majority of women causing men grief. Sure, we must not condemn all women, since a few exceptions do exist, but unfortunately it’s self-evident that the majority of women (feminist or not) consist of a poor quality in today’s society. Therefore, keep in mind that the motives and quality of many women who stand against feminism are often no better than the feminists they condemn.