How gaming community is biased toward girls?? By Vivek Singh

Quicktake by Bloomberg @quicktake formerly @tictoc posted a video on female games saying “45% of U.S. gamers are female, yet women make up a very small portion of the esports player pool due to toxicity and other barriers”

This 40 second video is a classic example of how misinformation is spread. The statistics are misrepresented and the main aim is to polarize men and women. But you, be it men or women please don’t buy this crap and give article a further read but at first to be clear it’s not a male’s fault:-

45% of US gamers are Female

To increase the number or spread misinformation they include gamers who play interactive games on a peice of technology. So, this also includes Candy Crush, a Crossword puzzle etc which obviously is far different than games like counter strike, pubg or call of duty etc of which female players are still very less in number.

Toxicity/Hate speech

Everyone gets shit online. Men face homophobic, racist, Islamophobic etc comments which are common.The same lies with girls and comments on them.
Everyone is anonymous online and they can say whatever they want without getting a punch on their face or any other consequences.


There is no discrimination.If a girl is a good gamer she will be 100% in the team.In the real world we have different male and female games. In males too there are subtypes in games but e sports is not the same as there is no Masculanity involved.

This is a capitalist society if you will play like a pro you will be at the top. It will be a very good promotion strategy to get a pro girl player in a clan.They just can’t demand to be in the clan if their representation is less. No one can give a place if somebody is just a boy or a girl or just to increase the diversity and to waste that spot as spots are limited.

All this at last can be prevented by
1.Mute the person
2.Leave the match
3.Choose not to play
4.Ignore and shoot them down and play

At the end

Just as in the real world, women need to earn their status instead of demand it out of spoiled entitlement. 

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