Are women more in love with themselves than they can be with anyone else?
Alan Lee Millard

Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love and the sharing of love with another person–a lover–or it used to be a mutually beneficial expression of love of another person.

The same seems to apply to marriage anniversaries. Since when did a mutual bonding celebration become all about only one of the two enjoined?

The day after Valentine’s Day I asked a young gal who was waiting on me how her Valentine’s Day went. She told me that it was great. She got a nice card, a box of candy, and a bouquet.

I asked her what she got her valentine (him). She just starred at me and had the most dumbfounded expression like “Dah, it’s supposed to be all about me, but that makes too much sense to me to have an adequate answer.”

Women are so selfish and spoiled in our culture that most are not worthy of an equal partnership. The mating process itself is made up of the same prerequisite in which case men put far more effort out to get together with women than vice versa, and that serves as a basic barometer as to assessing men’s equality to women.

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