Neha Dhupia double standards exposed by anonymous

In the recent show of roadies, Neha Dhupia abused a boy who told that he slapped a girl that was (his ex) because she was cheating on him with 5 other guys. In this article, I will critically analyze what options the boy had and was he right in doing so……if not so,was Neha right on her part too… But first watch this video…..

Should he had committed Suicide:-

What the guy should have done committed suicide is this what Neha Dhupia Ji wanted. As she believes it was the boy’s mistake that she needed 5 other guys.

Was he wrong in expecting loyalty (if he was loyal):-

If a boy and a girl are truly in love and wants to live together forever. We should keep in mind that love is not one way if a girl wants a boy to be loyal she must be too because cheating hurts especially in these types of love relationships.

On the contrary, if the girl was with 5 other guys at the same time she was clearly exploiting him maybe for his money as an atm, emotionally, as a waiter or a dog, or as a backup which is obviously not love or as the guy says he was famous in the college.See the video below part 2:-

Neha Ji told him to respect her but what Neha Ji did

On the contrary, she abused him and gave him slangs of the lowest levels. In the same show, the vice versa happened a girl slapped four boys and she was smiling at her.

In this way, she is misguiding the youth. And embarrassing the youth and embarrassing the nation.

This is how pseudo feminists look like. Pseudo feminism is dangerous than Coronavirus itself as this is same as sexism and misandry.

If a girl slaps a boy she is treated as lioness and heroine but if a boy does so he is termed criminal and oppressor this is the double standards which are not good.

It has no gender equality only partiality. If you hate men so much then let this show only for women. The very idea it perpetuates that men cannot be victims Is not acceptable.

One of our followers created this dj remix please see and enjoy

Neha Dhupia Virul Video Meme Dj Remix – Dj AaDiL Production

Note:- newsofx believes that slapping anyone be it boy or a girl is wrong and unacceptable.

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  1. ये तो ५ बाप भी रख सकती है लेकिन मा १ ही रखेगी ये ऐसी औरत की चॉइस हो सकती है

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